Lost in Space: Part 3 – Gemini

The United States has had six manned space programs. First program was Project Mercury. The sixth program, the International Space Station (ISS), is active today. Between the two, we saw Projects Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, and the Space Shuttle. This is Part 3 of this series and focuses on Project Gemini. Project Gemini Builds on the Foundation In orbit 160 […]

Lost in Space: Part 1 – America Climbs into Space

Prelude It was 1945, and World War II was, at last, ending.  Weary American GIs were returning home from combat in Europe and the Pacific.  Across four years, over 16 million Americans had served worldwide, more than 400,000 had died.  (By comparison, the U.S. suffered 58,000 deaths in Vietnam.) Conservative estimates put the total casualty […]