Here’s What to Do

Taking Down the Corona Virus

As a nation, let’s press our leaders, political and corporate, to do something along the following lines:

  • Lift the general stay at home, work at home orders, etc.
  • Issue targeted stay at home, work at home orders to those most vulnerable
  • Issue specific instructions on who should be seeking testing
  • Accelerate the use of our national strategic assets (better late than never)
  • Reassure the nation’s citizens that the vast majority of them will be just fine physically when this is over – get the messaging right for God’s sake. Which is to say, stop this kind of messaging –
  • Retailers need to take every step possible to avoid hording of whatever
  • Continue to be transparent with the data
  • Put the data in context – realistic context, not worst case or driven by poor or unrealistic, unjustified assumptions
  • Stop playing politics with this. Yes, everything comes down to politics (paraphrasing the late Charles Krauthammer)….if the politics are rights, great things can happen; get the politics wrong, and everything burns)

As a nation, we need to pull together, understand and accept reasonable risks, support our health care system by making measured decisions so as to not encumber it with unnecessary demands. We need to go forward with our daily personal and economic lives, while we work to take reasonable and practical measures to protect the most vulnerable. This is the best thing we can do for our children and grandchildren. Demonstrate the resolve of a great nation, and then hand them a great nation to carry on with. To paraphrase 41, let us stand where duty requires us to stand. There will success, there will be casualties. In the end, there will also be victory. We are big enough to endure the trials and casualties, and too big to be cowered.