Dude, before you push that red button…

Dude, before you push that red button… In 2013, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) “went nuclear.” Frustrated by Republicans in the senate who were blocking confirmation of several of President Obama’s judicial appointments, Reid had had enough. If he couldn’t win with the rules in place, he would just have to change them. He […]

COVID-19, Green Aviation and the French

One of the least well-known and positive stories in managing greenhouse gases / carbon emissions (GHG) is that of the commercial aviation community, specifically commercial jets. Most people do not know just how good a job the aviation industry has done in increasing its fuel-efficiency and reducing its impact on the climate. With climate activists […]

Here’s What to Do

Taking Down the Corona Virus As a nation, let’s press our leaders, political and corporate, to do something along the following lines: Lift the general stay at home, work at home orders, etc. Issue targeted stay at home, work at home orders to those most vulnerable Issue specific instructions on who should be seeking testing […]

“The Wall” Misses the Point

“Here’s a billion dollars for your wall. Oh yeah? Not enough. Give me five billion dollars or I’ll shut the government down.” This would be bad enough if it were really the central issue. It’s not. It is, instead, about language. The language. Presiona uno para continuar en ingles.  Immigration has been a part of our nation’s […]

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A Giant Has Fallen

A lot of people are smart. Many are witty. Some understand balance. A few write well. Fewer still are thinkers. And on the rarest of occasion, one encounters a soul blessed with all these gifts. These souls are the giants of their times. On Thursday, June 21st, we lost a giant. On his way to class […]

What’s in a Number? If it’s 41…

If it’s 41, there is an American Treasure This is part 1 of a 4 part series on our nation’s 41st President, George H. W. Bush The Pacific Ocean 02 September 1944 Enemy antiaircraft fire from the island of ChiChi Jima had mortally wounded his aircraft. He and his crew had completed their mission, but had […]

Culture, Politics & Our Republic

Taking Their Lead From Us Today some blame the politics of Washington D.C. for the state of our culture.  While correct about the state, they have the cause and effect backward. As our culture erodes with increasing speed, it is wreaking havoc with the state of our politics, and there’s no escaping the root cause. […]